Прах при прахта

25.00 лв.

19.30ч, 60 min

Прах при Прахта

Харолд Пинтър
Режисьор: Савина Бързева
сценография и костюми: Анна Янакиева
хореография: Семир Алкади
телесна пластика: Велимир Велев
с авторска музика на neverdance
превод: Галина Томова-Станкева
Димитър Касабов и Савина Бързева
Продукция на Театър О3
“Ashes To Ashes ” welcomes us in the most private space of a man and a woman. We are so close to them that we may feel a little confused. But it is also so attractive!
He loves her more than life itself. He has taken away her freedom.
The audience is in a labyrinth of painfully strong love that alternates with episodes of brutal terror.
Then the reality blurs and dance appears to take us out of that sad place and bring us some joy.
Is there an exit to the Light? There always is!